Tattoo Professionist 5 - Carp

Tattoo Professionist 5 - Carp
3ntini Editore
Limited edition
31x21 cm, 86 pages, spiral bound album, black&white and colour designs by various artists.
175 carp tattoo designs.

63 sketches, 90 shading designs and 22 colour designs of carp in Japanese and new school styles and much more.

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Tattoo designs by Pierluigi Albertin, Alvarex, Guido Baldini (Lost Cowboy Tattoos), Andrea Blanco, Ylenia Curotti (PMP Tattoo), Carlo D’Alessandro (Tattoo Spirit), Dragón Azul, Drexter, Ellea, Max EspinoMarco Fiorillo, Antonio Gaballo, Enrico Gambini (Enrico Gambini Tattoo Studio), Gatto Matto, Giorgio Landi (Left Hand Tattoo), Lelo (Body Markings), Nahuel Elio Loscerbo, Cristian Mamini, Paulinho, Nicolas Picchio (Primo Tattoo), Michele Prezioso (Dublin Art Tattoo), Prime Soul Tattoo, Max Rambelli (Tattoo Studio The Max),  Salatiel (Body Markings), Danilo Sini, Stex (Left Hand Tattoo), Sunskin Tattoo Studio, Luca Tarlazzi, Ueo Tattoo, Davide Zannoni.

Tattoo Professionist is a series of themed publications designed especially for tattoo artists.
The Tattoo Professionist single-subject specials can be bought only by mail order and through the  website

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