Tattoo Professionist 11 - Dolphins

3ntini Editore
Limited edition
31x21 cm, 84 pages, spiral bound album, black&white and colour designs by various artists.

This is the only place you can find tattoo designs with dolphins in realistic, traditional, tribal, cartoon and other styles! Dolphins with fairies, mermaids, stars, flowers, hearts and much more besides.

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Dolphin designs are an absolute, undying classic in the tattoo world. They’re popular with both men and women, young and old... it is a subject that suits everyone and which, thanks to its rich symbolism, can be interpreted in several different styles.

A marine animal that is celebrated for its intelligence and energy, the dolphin represents many positive qualities. It symbolises wellbeing, health and balance, good humour, vitality and a communicative, joyful spirit.

The dolphin is also a symbol of protection, guidance and salvation. There are many stories, which have been told since ancient times, of dolphins that go to the rescue of people who have fallen into the sea. These creatures are now famous for happily swimming alongside ships, while in ancient legends dolphins escorted the gods of the sea and were their messengers.

In many cultures the dolphin is considered to have magical powers because it acts as a link between humans and the world of the sea. For the Celts it was the protector of holy wells and waters.

So dolphin tattoos can express various ideas and with their noble character they can encourage us to develop universal qualities such as love and the regeneration of the spirit through a smile.

Tattoo Professionist – Dolphins is an exclusive, special collection of completely original 293 designs in colour and black & white by various Tattoo Artists, made to meet your every need!

Tattoo Professionist
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