Tattoo Photo 15: Flower, Tree & Leaf Tattoos

3ntini Editore
64 pages, 240 colour photos of tattoos by international tattoo artists.

roses, cherry blossom, lilies, lotus flowers, trees, leaves, insects, flowers and skulls, dotwork, realistic and avant-garde style flowers, and much more!

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Let the harmonious union of man and nature grow on you!

Since ancient times the beauty of nature has been so eloquently expressed in art, literature, music... and not forgetting tattoos!

Plants are not only home to a variety of animals. Thanks to their medicinal and aromatic qualities and their use in agriculture, they have always been key to human survival.

Our strong ties to them mean that flowers, leaves and trees are among the best loved subjects to decorate the skin. Their elegance is a sign of femininity, while their generous symbolism is the epitome of sensitivity.
Flowers climbing up backs and ankles or petals adorning shoulders and hips, all carrying with them an enormous array of meanings, metaphors and allegories.

for example, which connect the earth to the sky, represent life, growth, evolution, renewal and uniqueness.
As for flowers they have a whole language of their own, floriography, according to which each species has a specific meaning, feeling and mood.

This collection contains 240 photos of flower tattoos in celebration of nature. Grow inspired!

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