Tattoo Photo 14: Old School And Traditional Tattoo

3ntini Editore
64 pages, 265 colour photos of tattoos by international tattoo artists.

roses, swallows, hearts, anchors, sailing ships, mermaids, sailors, nautical stars, panthers, snakes, skulls, daggers, women and much more!

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Calling all fans of retro style tattoos, here’s a gallery just for you! Easy on the shading but heavy on the colour and sharp, bold lines, here are your perfect vintage look tattoos.
Old School and Traditional Tattoo”: love and hate, passion and animosity are the messages behind traditional American tattoos. It is precisely because of its simplicity of expression that traditional is such a popular and timeless tattoo style.

Starting in 1891 the do-it-yourself tattoo machine, simply made of a bunch of needles tied together, gradually gave way to the electric machine, patented by Samuel O’Reilly. The old machine was technically limited so it was hard to enhance the design with many details.
Thus the Old School style was born and has survived to this day with its clever, bold and instantly recognisable look!

In this collection you’ll find some of the most classic themes in the tattoo world: from nautical symbols to do with travel such as sailing boats, to anchors symbolising stability or women representing conquest, love and passion.

Go back to where it all began as you flick through the pages of “Old School and Traditional Tattoo”!

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