Infinity & Love

3ntini Editore
64 pages, 21x28 cm, 350 tattoo designs.
Black & grey, line-work and in color.

The symbol of infinity in lots of original versions and splendid designs that celebrate love for your family, parents or partner. Plus: love letters, love padlocks, people in love, animals in love, a lovers’ kiss, scripts dedicated to Love, pierced hearts and broken hearts, and of course the eternal love heart, embellished with beautiful, themed patterns.
Not forgetting groovy love – represented by the slogan “peace and love” – and cupboard love with a fun collection of favourite foods. 

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Look inside and you’ll also find the symbol of infinity in lots of original versions, some including scripts, stars, feathers, swallows or the entwined body of a snake...
As well as all the interpretations of the classic number 8 on its side, there are designs with the Ouroboros (the snake which eats its own tail), the infinite triangle – also known as the impossible triangle – and other variations on the theme.

Infinity means
“without end” and it also represents universal love, eternity and regeneration. In tattoo terms such a strong concept often locks in values and feelings – like family, love, friendship, hope, peace… – that we want to last forever.

Love and tattoos
have always been bedfellows. The heart is the most popular tattoo representing love, but as you look through the pages of Infinity & Love you’ll discover many more!

This magazine is avalaible with the Italian cover only.

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