Flower Tattoos 3

3ntini Editore
64 pages, 21x28 cm, 223 tattoo designs. Black & grey, line-work and in color.

Flowers in pink, red, blue and purple, dandelion clocks, lotus flowers, roses, cherry blossom, geometric flowers, skulls with flowers and other amazing floral tattoos.
Old school, traditional, realistic, shaded grey, black and grey, vintage, dotwork and watercolour.

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Each flower has its own cultural background, meaning, history, legends and traditions, as well as specific botanical properties.
Now it’s up to you to choose whether to get a flower tattoo because you are instinctively drawn to it, or because you’ve done some research into it and your flower tattoo mirrors something about you: a mood, a feeling, a quality, the essence of a story, the scent of an ideal.

“Flower Tattoos 3” contains an array of blooms worthy of a botanical garden.
There are traditional and old school flowers with their instantly recognisable black outline. These classic looks can always be used, even to tell new tales.
We’ve got realistic style too, with flowers in colour or in the so-called shaded grey technique, where the use of black is attenuated with soft shading in various grey tones.
These days a lot of tattoo artists are experimenting with new techniques and evoking certain painting styles, some of which we take a look at here in “Flower Tattoos 3”.
There are dotwork flowers where highlights, shadows and shading are produced using pointillism.
For fans of the transparent delicacy of watercolours, there are watercolour style flowers with fine outlines in the same colour as the petals or leaves.

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