Flower Tattoos 2

3ntini Editore
64 pages, 21x28 cm, 329 tattoo designs.
Colour, black and grey and even just linework.

Lotus flowers, cherry blossom, Japanese flowers, branches, climbers, pansies, five petal flowers, traditional roses, infinity symbol with flowers and and much more besides.

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The beauty of flowers is irresistible: their shapes, colours and perfumes attract our attention, bringing pleasure and vitality.

The rose, lily, cherry blossom, lotus flower, pansy... each one beautiful and beyond compare, is enhanced by its symbolic meaning.
That is why floral tattoos are the most sought after and popular throughout the world.

The traditional-old school dominates in the world of tattoos today, with either roses or five petal flowers, less striking but with their beauty accentuated by this style.

Among the most admired designs are Japanese flowers, especially lotus flowers and cherry blossom: from the impressive sleeve to tattoos on the side, arm or ankle, Japanese floral designs increasingly adorn Westerners' bodies.

Other popular designs include: climbing plants, such as ivy, flowering branches which climb up the ankle, leg, arm or shoulder, the infinity symbol made up of flowers...

This publication contains these and other beautiful flower designs, all chosen bearing in mind changing tastes in floral tattoo styles.

Four years after the release of our first publication devoted to flowers, this collection, “Flower Tattoos 2”, will amaze you with the abundance, innovation and sheer beauty of the images.
All the “Flower Tattoos 2” designs presented for the first time in one publication.

This magazine is avalaible with the Italian cover only.

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