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  1. 10 Tattoo Idea!

    10 Tattoo Idea!

    Regular Price: €59.00

    Special Price €44.90

    Do you miss some back issues of Idea Tattoo?
    The ones you have are not enough?

    Enjoy this fantastic offer!

    10 issues of Idea Tattoo 32% off!

    Add the corresponding numbers in the ‘note’ area!

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  2. Old School... new collection!

    Old School... new collection!

    Regular Price: €12.00

    Special Price €9.50

    An original flash collection which takes you to the heart of traditional tattooing.

    Over 500 new designs: mermaids, lighthouses, sailing ships, sailors, daggers, balloons, skulls and much more.
    Collect the Old School series, at a special price 9.50 euro instead of 12.00 euro, just for you.

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  3. Tattoo Classics

    Tattoo Classics

    Regular Price: €24.00

    Special Price €16.90

    More than just tattoo magazines.

    We've created a cult collection to make your tattoos even more special. A collection of the styles and themes that are always valued. Enjoy the experience of a tattoo that never goes out of fashion for € 16.90 instead of 24.00!

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  4. A Fairy Tale Vision!

    A Fairy Tale Vision!

    Regular Price: €54.00

    Special Price €49.00

    Find out the best Ania Tomicka’s drawings on the new Tattoo Artist Pop Surrealism

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  5. Tattoo In Photo

    Tattoo In Photo

    Regular Price: €18.00

    Special Price €14.00

    3 Photo tattoos magazines of your own choice

    Tattoo in photo for € 14.00 instead of 18.00!

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  6. Tattoo Flash Drawings Offer

    Tattoo Flash Drawings Offer

    Regular Price: €18.00

    Special Price €16.00


    Select your favourite Tattoo Flash Drawings *

    Tattoo Flash Drawings for € 16.00 instead of 18.00!

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  7. Tattoo Professionist Offer

    Tattoo Professionist Offer

    Regular Price: €38.00

    Special Price €29.90

    2 BE PROF!

    Select your favourite Tattoo Professionist *

    Tattoo Professionist 1 - Snakes

    Tattoo Professionist 2 - Realistic Skulls

    Tattoo Professionist 3 - Tribal Animals

    Tattoo Professionist 4 - Religious Tattoos

    Tattoo Professionist 5 - Carp

    Tattoo Professionist 6 - Deltoid Tribals 

    Tattoo Professionist 7 - Pin-Up 

    Tattoo Professionist 8 - Skulls For All

    Tattoo Professionist 9 - Geisha

    Tattoo Professionist 10 - Celtic-Viking Style

    Tattoo Professionist 11 - Dolphins

    Tattoo Professionist 12 - The Phoenix

    Tattoo Professionist 13 - Zodiac

    Tattoo Professionist 14 - Mehndi Style 

    Tattoo Professionist 15 - Owls 

    Tattoo Professionist 16 - Anchors

    Tattoo Professionist 17 - Japanese Style

    Tattoo Professionist 18 - Watercolour Style

    2 Tattoo Professionist for € 29.90 instead of 38.00!

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  8. 10 One Shot!

    10 One Shot!

    Regular Price: €60.00

    Special Price €45.00

    10 drawing tattoo magazines of your own choice

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  9. Skulls Forever

    Skulls Forever

    Regular Price: €31.00

    Special Price €24.90

    A great collection for al skull fans.
    A real tattoo classic in a variety of styles: choose yours!

    Skulls forever for € 24.90 instead of 31.00!

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  10. Ancient Civilisations

    Ancient Civilisations

    Regular Price: €31.00

    Special Price €24.90

    An offer that’s too good to miss if you’re into tribal cultures: we’ve got Celtic symbols from our European ancestors, the legendary Vikings of the North and the native peoples of the Pacific!

    Ancient civilisations for € 24.90 euro instead of 31.00!

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