Idea Tattoo 214 February/March 2017

3ntini Editore
82 pages, 300 tattoo flashes, various artists

Put your tattoos in a frame!
Lots of frames in all the best styles, to frame the design of your choice!
Plus: deer, diamonds and precious stones, pirates, biomechanical style, chocolates and much more.

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In this issue:
lots of frames in the most attractive and popular styles (traditional, realistic, dotwork and vintage) and you can put whatever design you want inside the frame!
Plus: deer, keys, angel wings, biomechanical style tattoos, delicate blue, purple, pink or grey-toned watercolours (with flowers, birds and portraits), new ideas for traditional roses, phoenixes and Japanese koi carp.
And also: diamonds and precious stones with drawings of the main cuts used by jewellers. Chocolates, cupcakes and biscuits, skulls, pirates, seahorses, bees and wasps, dotwork and symbolism, flames and many more stunning drawings.
Tattoo school: find out how to draw a deer's head.

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