Idea Tattoo 157 April 2011

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In this issue: WINGS SPECIAL!

78 new wing designs in different styles, in terms of subject and size: from large wings for a backpiece, to get tattooed over the whole back, to small wings for the shoulder blades or chest, and even single wings for the arm or ankle.

Tattoos with wings are loved the world over.

In the world of symbolism, wings do not strictly represent flight but are the most perfect reflection of freedom. All kinds of wings are associated with a figure and a specific subject, for example angels are synonymous with elevation, demons with rebellion, fairies with dreams and fantasy, dragons with primordial strength.

The ideal of freedom is however common to all wings and winged figures.

All’s that’s left is for you to choose your tattoo wings from the designs with angel wings, demon wings, dragon wings, bat wings, butterfly wings, dragonfly wings, fairy wings, skeletal wings of bones only, biomechanical wings, white wings and black wings, in tribal, realistic, old school and many more styles.

There are also designs of vampires, horses, anchors, cherries, cartoon style characters, phoenixes, elves, fairies, super-stylized geishas, scripts, the star signs written in gothic style, skulls in Celtic/Viking style, flowers and roses, tribals for the deltoid and half sleeve tribals with a nineties style “pointed” design.

Last but not least, we’d like to welcome two new artists to our team: William (p. 61) with his graceful and B. Simo (pp. 62 and 63), of the tattoo shop Traccia Bastarda, with his wonderful cartoon style and music-inspired characters.

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