Skulls for all

3ntini Editore
86 pages, 369 black&white and colour designs by various artists.

You’ll find beautiful Mexican skulls (the famous sugar skulls) and skulls in old school, new school, traditional, Celtic, Japanese and cartoon styles.


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The skull designs in this issue are by the artists:
Alvarex, Bagatti, Baldini, Bello, Blanco, Donati, Jonas Jorna (Eureka Tattoo Designs), Lelo, Loscerbo, Mamini, Mariani, Mauricio, Melasi (Neanderthal Tattoo), Mercuriali, Oliver, Picchio (Primo Tattoo), Prime Soul Tattoo, Rambelli, Rosalbi, Salatiel, Sini, Stex, Taccori, Tiussi, Ueo Tattoo, Zannoni.

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