Contemporary skulls DIGITAL EDITION

3ntini Editore
64 pages, 21x28 cm, 190 drawings, various artists.

Skulls in the most contemporary styles as well as classic styles revisited: realistic, avant-garde, dotwork, blackwork, traditional, new school and cartoon style as well as black and grey, small skulls, Mexican sugar skulls and much more.
A timeless icon interpreted with imagination and creativity.



In this issue:
There are skulls that have been reinterpreted in the most up-to-date styles with techniques that borrow aspects of modern art, graphics, street art and many other sources of visual input. There are also classic skulls, these too interpreted with imagination and inexhaustible creativity.
From the much-loved traditional style and its most representative icon, the Mexican skull, known as the sugar skull, to the new school style which takes elements from old school, cartoons and the hip hop culture. Other styles include the intricate technique of dotwork and elements of avant-garde, blackwork and the spectacular realistic style worked in black and grey, the highly expressive technique which plays on the use of different shades of grey.
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