Idea Tattoo 211 August 2016

3ntini Editore
82 pages, 463 tattoo flashes, various artists

Discover beard and moustache designs – a tribute to men and their innate pride in their virility!
There's a sugar skull special with lots of original ideas for those looking for a Mexican style skull.
Plus: geisha and Japanese flowers, numbers and writing in Chicano style, journeys, small tattoos, roses, voodoo dolls and much more.



In this issue:
Beards & moustaches in the spotlight – a tribute to the virile man and to barber's shops. Sugar Skull special with lots of fantastic designs featuring Mexican skulls.
A celebration of Japanese tattoosgeisha in various styles and sizes (even for tattoos on the hand), oriental demons and most of all Japanese flowers, including lotus flowers, peonies and cherry blossom.
Plus: symbolic animals in dotwork, old school and traditional styles. The first part of a series of travel tattoos dedicated to journeys, to be continued in the coming issues. The highly popular series of small tattoos continues here, and there are words and numbers in Chicano style, original ideas for tattooing a name, tiny cartoon-style skulls, sailor skulls and bearded skulls, horror skulls, ornamental tattoos, traditional roses, voodoo and sweet dolls, pop surrealism and much more.
Tattoo School: draw a traditional style spider.
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