Idea Tattoo 189 June 2014

3ntini Editore
80 pages, 280 colour and black & grey tattoo designs.

Tribute to the telephone: stunning designs of classic telephones drawn in old school style, alongside both modern and mobile phones.



In this issue:
Vintage telephones, modern phones and mobiles.
Eastern spirituality with fantastical elephants, the god Ganesh and mythical winged Thai characters, pirate style Catrina, sugar skulls, hooded skulls, DJ skulls with headphones, monster-like skulls, the Death Rider, realistic and cartoon style birds, crows, owls, butterflies, helms, hearts and daggers, tattooed girls, trees and dryads, gorgeous dotwork designs, pop surrealism, old school, large Polynesian and Maori tribal designs for the hip, armbands and tribal turtles (Polynesian and Maori style), scripts, flowers and much more besides.

Tattoo School: how to draw an old school geometric flower.

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