Tattoo Stencils

by Guido Baldini, 3ntini Editore
Bound book with hardback cover, large dimensions 23x30 cm. 268 pages.
Introduction in Italian and English.
765 stencils ready and in the correct format to become real tattoos.

An inspirational support in images for any tattoo studio. A valuable work and a collector's item.

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An elegant and precious book with 765 tattoo stencils by the Italian-American artist and tattooer Guido Baldini.
Drawn at his studio in Santa Fe, these designs encapsulate all of Guido's talent for story-telling. The designs, rich in symbology, are rooted in the historical traditions and culture of the area where he lives, New Mexico, or in the old school tattoo imagination.
All of this is made extra special and unique by the boundless creative talent of the artist, who manages to make each drawing magical; his versatility allows him to work skilfully in a range of styles whilst adding an astonishing variety of graphic ideas and features.
A valuable work and a collector's item. A highly inspiring book published in a professional prestige volume that all good tattoo studios cannot do without!

Drawings in traditional, Japanese, realistic and ornamental styles. Cowboys and Indians, the Day of the Dead and Halloween, the number 13; Sacred Heart, the Virgin Mary, Fatima hand, Ganesh and other religious symbols; daggers, animals, birds, feathers, snakes, insects and butterflies, spiders and scorpions, roses and flowers, skulls, mandalas, mermaids, dragons and much, much more.

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