Tattoo Professionist 9 - Geisha

3ntini Editore
Limited edition
31x21 cm, 82 pages, spiral bound album
169 black&white and colour designs by various artists.

Geisha, the essence of femininity, grace and sophistication.

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Often described with the ambiguous term “entertainer”, in Japan the geisha is a traditional artist, whose skills include various arts. In particular: playing traditional musical instruments such as the bamboo flute and percussion instruments, singing songs and performing typical dances, studying the correct way to serve tea, creating flower arrangements and practising the art of calligraphy, but she must also know about poetry and literature, all of which are useful topics of conversation.

Books such as Memoirs of a Geisha by Arthur Golden and a huge number of films about these women have enabled the general public to rediscover their true story, overcoming the all-too frequent and banal confusion them and prostitutes.

The geisha is the personification of an aesthetic canon, called “iki”, which is the true essence of Japanese culture. The purpose of a geisha is to be the perfect personification of this canon, which for westerners corresponds to “grace”, in its widest, most aesthetic sense.

In the tattoo world the geisha is enjoying renewed success and is depicted in various ways: from Japanese style to realistic, traditional or more original tattoos, in which the artist is known for his or her unique way of interpreting this and other characters.

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