Tattoo Professionist 14 - Mehndi Style

3ntini Editore
Limited edition
31 x 21 cm, 84 pages, spiral bound.
409 refined designs in black and white by various artists.

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As unique as a piece of embroidery, as intriguing as a mandala pattern, a mehndi style tattoo celebrates the joy of decoration as a form of expression.

is an ancient decorative body art applied with henna. It is traditional in India, Nepal, North Africa and the Middle East, where the term mehndi denotes a temporary tattoo celebrating the sensuality of the body and the spirituality of the soul. These designs also provide good luck and protection for the wearer.
Western tattooing
has embraced mehndi as a permanent decorative style.

This special edition combines tradition, innovation and imagination: with lots of traditional mehndi designs for the hands and feet, and a myriad of amazing ideas to create tattoos as precious as lace.

You’ll also find designs for the fingers, the lower back and the ankle… an endless resource you can use to enhance every tattoo you do!
Fine lines, geometric shapes that dance together in sinuous shapes, embroidered stars, mystical symbols, delicate flowers, impressive animals and detailed armbands, all in a triumph of exquisite creativity and beauty.

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