Tattoo Photo 9: Hearts & Scripts

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Did you know that heart tattoos are nearly one hundred years old?

Early twentieth century sailors were the first to get them, when they were far away from home for months at a time: a heart tattoo was a way to keep their beloved near to them.

Tattoos of a heart, in particular with a script (a name or a motto) became very popular with American soldiers during the Second World War, when they took the design around the world. Since then the heart has become an essential subject in the basic repertoire of every tattoo artist.

The heart is the classic symbol of love in all its nuances and is still one of the most popular tattoo subjects.

What’s the most common design? One with the word “mum” across it.

Hearts are often inked using the American traditional style, in either old school or new school versions, but new styles are making an impact too. It is the imagination of the tattoo artists that can always make a classic icon such as the heart look fresh and unique.

In “Hearts & Scripts” we have put together some of the most stunning and original tattoos around the theme.

As well as the classic heart tattoo, you will find some really unusual and creative ideas for getting a tattoo of this romantic symbol of love and affection.

And that’s not all!

There is a gallery full of hearts with a script, and another gallery dedicated to tattoo scripts in the two most popular styles of the moment: Chicane and old school. You just have to make your choice!

Hearts & Scripts

3ntini Editore
64 pages,
262 colour photos of tattoos.
Hearts, hearts with scripts, Chicane and old school scripts.

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