Tattoo Photo 12: Feet And Flowers

3ntini Editore
64 pages, 255 new colour tattoo photos.

Lots of ideas to make your feet and ankles even sexier, and the best flower tattoos with cherry blossom, lotus flowers, roses, poppies, climbing plants, lilies, orchids and much more!

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As the summer sun comes along, boots and tights make way for sandals and open shoes, so your feet are on show.

Perhaps because they are hidden for most of the year, our feet are often more neglected than our hands or other parts of the body, but our soles have a crucial role: they support our weight every day and take us wherever we want to go.

Our feet deserve our attention, they maintain our balance, they join gracefully and naturally with the ankle and affect the way we carry ourselves. Their sex appeal should not be underestimated!

One increasingly popular way to enhance the ankle and toes is by using jewellery and rings, which we know as fashion accessories but in Indian culture they indicate which caste the wearer belongs to.

Another eastern tradition has led to the decoration of the feet with mehndi. The subjects are usually long floral motifs and women are adorned with them for special occasions such as weddings.

In this special edition we have put together some of the best foot tattoos, and that’s not all... We can use tattoos to make add a touch of glamour to the ankles but also other parts of the body.

And which subject expresses sensuality better than flowers?

If you’re looking for an idea for a tattoo you can wear with your sandals and summer dresses, these galleries are perfect for you!

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