Tattoo Photo 11: Back & Sleeve

3ntini Editore
64 pages, large colour photos.

Geishas, phoenixes, carp, Japanese style, large tribals, large flowers and floral motifs, portraits, wings, angels, realistic style… all this and much more, for your large back and sleeve tattoos.

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tattoos are enjoying a huge rise in popularity.

During the past few months they have overtaken such well-loved themes as angels and script tattoos and are becoming more and more popular all the time.

Have they actually got a cult following? Perhaps.

Whether they are half sleeves, three quarters or cover the whole arm, in other words long sleeves, in tribal, realistic, Japanese, traditional or any other style, these tattoos are spreading like wildfire. Both men and women are choosing to cover their skin with a large-scale work of art they can show off with pride.

Also growing in popularity are back tattoos, in particular large ones that demand attention. A big pair of wings, an angel or another spiritual avatar to cover the whole back, a huge phoenix, a portrait or a complex scene... there are endless styles and subjects to choose from, the only rule is to choose well.

Back and sleeves tattoos will both adorn an extensive area of your body so this is obviously a major decision.

What is the best, the most beautiful, tattoo for your sleeve? Would a carp or a geisha look better on your arm or your back?

While some subjects suit one part of the body more than another, for others it is simply a matter of technique and style. That is why looking at tattoos already on the body is so useful!

This collection has been put together to give you a clearer picture: you will find a selection of some of the most sensational and skilfully executed tattoos for the back and arm, with plenty of suggestions on how to make your dream tattoo come true in impressive style!

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