Tattoo for girls [digital edition]

3ntini Editore
64 pages, 21x28 cm, various artists.
543 new drawings, the latest trends in tattoo art!

Feminine tattoos for girls of all ages: from flowers and butterflies to little writings, from watercolours to underboobs, from geishas to Russian dolls, as well as ornamental, sexy, contemporary, mini and minimal designs – and much more.



In this issue:
What are today’s women tattooing? Flowers and ornamental tattoos are still favourites: from the mehndi style to black and grey, and on to Japanese flowers, miniatures, geometric patterns, dotwork and delicate watercolours. For those who want sexy ideas, there are precious underboob tattoos as well as large ornaments that extend from the shoulder down the arm. And if you prefer something simple, the fine lines of minimal tattoos are perfect for your wrist, ear and neck.
Other musts? The geisha, the icon of grace, and the matryoshka, the emblem of motherhood. Women’s accessories like lace, corsets, ribbons, and lipstick; sweet figures in the new school style; traditional tattoos with charming butterflies, every kind of flower, magnificent roses; and a rich variety of mini tattoos
Femininity is narrated with an aesthetic language and pure decoration, as well as symbols and formulas that evoke an interior universe. Like beloved small writings, the signs of a vital and sensitive intimacy.
In this collection, discover all the fabulous Tattoos for Girls!
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