Tattoo Fonts [digital edition]

3ntini Editore
64 pages, 21x28 cm, various artists.
923 cool scripts, 37 complete handcrafted alphabets.

Handcrafted Tattoo Fonts, lots of different styles: linear and minimal scripts, children's handwriting, vertical scripts, elegant handwriting, typewriter, capitals and much more.
Scripts for every part of the body with lots of ideas for small tattoos.
With photos and suggestions for body positions!



In this issue:
Here you'll find plenty of ideas for fonts, different ways of writing your tattoo script: 37 complete alphabets accompanied by 923 scripts and photos of body positions, just to give you an idea of some (of the many) possible positions for a tattoo.
All of the fonts and scripts included in Tattoo Fonts have been handcrafted, in line with the art of calligraphy – and also with the art of the tattoo, which requires patience and good manual skills.
The fonts are highly varied and include childish handwriting taken from school exercise books from years gone by and linear writing, elegant calligraphy (simple as well as ornate and embellished) and some versions in capitals.
Some scripts celebrate evergreen themes (family, love, home, freedom), others are quotations taken from films and songs (All you need is love by the Beatles has a place of honour) among other sources.
Eco-friendly scripts are among the new themes and there are vertical scripts designed to be perpendicular for tattoos along the spine, on the arms or wherever you prefer.
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