Special Tattoo Photos: Angels And Fairies

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This new editorial series brings together the most beautiful tattoo photos and, issue by issue, will be dealing with a series of  special subjects. This first issue, in fact, is dedicated to the best-loved winged figures of the Western world: Angels and Fairies.

For Angels, the photographic section includes both black/white and colour tattoos, sub-divided into "families": religious subjects that take their inspiration from statues and paintings, devotional tattoos with angels praying or sustaining a cross, Cherubs (child-angels), Angel and Devil staring each other down, angelical pin-ups, celestial female figures, warrior angels armed with swords and much more. In most of these tattoos a realistic style prevails yet there're also plenty of tribal-style angels and even a cute angels section featuring tender, child-like images.

Magical, mysterious, beautiful, charm-spinners, realistic or burlesque, Fairies are the undisputed queens of the imagination. In a specially dedicated section you'll find tattoos with fairies among flowers, fairies climbing up onto mushrooms or dancing on the moon, four different series of fairies, each with a predominant colour (red, violet, blue and green), magical creatures inspired by literature, tiny fairies for tiny tattoos and much more again! A bonus gallery goes into the subject in greater detail: the celestial gallery presents statues of angels in stone or plaster, the magical gallery brings together photos inspired by the world of fairies... all offering a welcome source of further brainwaves for your next tattoo!

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