Skulls & Little Skulls

3ntini Editore
64 pages, 21x28 cm, 310 tattoo designs.
Colour, black and grey and even just linework.

Skull women, Mexican, realistic, old school and traditional style skulls, small skulls, pirate skulls, skulls with flowers or diamonds and much more!

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Take a look at this collection and pick out your own skull tattoo from a host of great designs and styles!
There’s a wide selection of the ever more popular Mexican skulls: from portraits of women with their face painted to look like a skull (inspired by local folklore’s Santa Muerte), to subjects in perfect sugar skull style, and the original new school and cartoon interpretations.

And that’s not all: there are realistic skulls to suit all tastes, skulls and flowers, traditional and old school style skulls, pirate skulls, skulls and diamonds, gorgeous mini skulls and many more ex-skullent tattoo flashes! With colour, black and grey and even just linework designs.

The skull tattoo is a classic, iconic design common to every style and has always been a popular request at the studio: but what does it symbolise?

First of all it is the symbol of death, meaning the end of all biological functions. However in many cultures and religions it is also a symbol of resurrection, since “passing” is seen as a rebirth, a rite of passage which takes you to another dimension.

This magazine is avalaible with the Italian cover only.

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