Moon & Stars

Moon & Stars - Tattoo Designs
3ntini Editore
64 pages, black&white, designs by various artists.

More than 500 designs! The Moon, Sun and Moon, Stars, Trails of Stars and other super galactic subjects! 

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In this new special we have put together more than 500 tattoo designs with the moon and stars, designed in many different styles (tribal, Polynesian, traditional, realistic, cartoon and many more tattoo styles). The Moon, Sun and Moon, delicate little stars for small tattoos, trails of stars, nautical stars, the alphabet of the stars and many more irresistible subjects are just waiting for you to turn them into real live tattoos!

Because of their luminosity the stars have always been an important symbol of immensity and eternity, of everything that escapes human limits, including death. The stars also represent a widening of mental and physical horizons.

Since the beginning of time, people have observed how the Moon waxes, wanes and disappears, then comes back once more, comparing lunar cycles to all the other cyclical processes of birth, death and rebirth. The Moon has thus become the symbol of the future and has been associated to all living phenomena which depend on cyclical patterns, like the high and low tides of the seas, rain, vegetation, fertility and death. The Moon also symbolises the unconscious and magic.

This magazine is available with an Italian cover and English texts inside.

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