Idea Tattoo 219 April/May/June 2018 [digital edition]

3ntini Editore
82 pages, 320 tattoo flashes, various artists

Pets, foxes, wolves, chandelier tattoos, geometric designs, flowers, sweets, small tattoos and minimal art, the moon and much more.



In this issue:
cats, dogs and other pets also in minimal style (and not only). Wolves, foxes, tigers, lions and other wild animals in different versions: realistic, geometric, traditional, dotwork, minimal style, pop surrealism and single line.
The moon and tattoos from outer space – bring a hint of mystery and the desire to discover new things.
Tattoos highlighting femininity: called, with a touch of irony, chandelier tattoos, as these do in fact recall chandeliers with their glass or crystal pendants. There's a wide range of these ornamental designs that are ideal for the wrist, the underboobs, shoulder or thigh, the ankle or other areas of the body.
Flowers standing out against a black background introduce a new style: the blackout tattoo.
Black features once again with dotwork and Black Art, a style that works well with high-impact designs: spectacular Viking warriors and Odin, the Norse god.
Tattoo School: how to draw an eye.
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