Idea Tattoo 176 March 2013

3ntini Editore
80 pages, 234 colour and black & grey tattoo designs.

hearts, young lovers, the love zodiac, owls, feathers, phoenixes, spider’s webs, hot air balloons, sailing ships, cherry blossom, branches with fruits of the forest, ornamental branches, hinges, umbrellas, traditional style skulls, Mexican skulls, dragons in 5 different styles, music, Medusa designs and much more besides!

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is the season of love: the countryside comes alive and nature wakes up, transmitting energy, colours and fragrances which waft through the air, warming the heart and stimulating your hormones.

In tribute to this wonderful season, Tattoo Ideas has got a special dedicated to love tattoos!
Choose from great classics like hearts as well as lots of original ideas, such as our love zodiac and designs featuring loved-up couples!

There are more perfect matches in our “gourmet tattoo” section.
We’ve called them Best Friends and they are classic combinations such as bread and butter, milk and biscuits, eggs and bacon and so on... Why not treat yourself to a tempting tattoo to celebrate your favourite combo!

And there’s more!
We’ve got some impressive designs of feathers, phoenixes and furniture hinges.
These hinge tattoos are usually done on the knees, elbows or wrists, in other words wherever there are joints connecting two parts of the body.
And that’s not all... there’s plenty more in store for you!
You’ll find it all in this amazing issue!

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