Floral Tattoo

Floral Tattoo - Tattoo Designs
3ntini editore
64 pages., 21x28 cm, black&white, designs by various artists.

Flowers (hibiscus, lilies, roses, lotus flowers, cherry blossom, peonies, chrysanthemums and lots more), flowers and butterflies, climbing plants, clover and shamrocks and many more floral tattoo designs.

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These days a love of nature, recycling, green issues and respect for the environment form part of a renewed ecological awareness which must urgently be put into practice and expressed, even – and why not? – with a tattoo.

A tattoo of a flower is always a respectful, harmonious image, which does not invade the body but decorates it with style and elegance. Like when people build a home which does not destroy nature but lives with it and enhances it.

In this special publication the tattoos leave a delicate mark: a climbing stem, a floral decoration, leaves, petals and words. But there are also sensual, sexy, seductive ones, like Les fleurs du mal.

You’ll find 358 designs with various kinds of flowers, each of them associated with a meaning which you can discover on our website, www.ideatattoo.com in the “Let’s Talk about Tattoos” section.

This magazine is available with an Italian cover and English texts inside.


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