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The 3ntini publishing house was established in 1984 with its first comic strip and music title Nuvola Bianca. It has always focused on publications with a high content of illustrations and other artistic images, including airbrushed pictures, comic strips and original artwork.

In 1990 the company began to offer a more wide ranging service, providing finished magazines to various publishers on top of its own publishing work. One of the new titles to emerge at this time was Tattoo, the first tattoo magazine in Italy.

ideatattoo logoIn 1995 one bright idea led to the creation of Tattoo Ideas, the first magazine in the world to offer hundreds of flashes, or tattoo designs, in each issue. The flashes are in black and white and are really useful for both tattoo artists and anyone looking for an idea of what tattoo to get.

Since then, following on from the success of Tattoo Ideas (a monthly title which is now translated into 10 languages and sold in 27 countries around the world), the publisher has produced a whole host of special publications, 37 issues of Colour Tattoo and the photo magazine Tribal Tattoo 1.

The success of Tattoo Ideas and Tribal Tattoo 1 has led 3ntini Editore to undertake new publishing projects dedicated to all tattooing and tattoo design fans, from tattoo artists to people who have yet to get their first tattoo.

There have been special publications featuring the most popular, frequently requested designs which have gone down in tattoo history. These include thousands of designs and photos selected by our international publishing team or drawn especially for us by the very best Tattoo Artists.

Respected tattoo flash collections such as Fairies and Elves Tattoo, Little Stars Tattoo, Tattoo Body Tribal, Japan Tattoo, Lettering Tattoo; sharp photographic collections like Angels & Fairies Tattoo Photos, Stars & Sun Tattoo Photos, Butterflies & Swallows Tattoo Photos; hundreds of titles, which can be found all over the world and are permanent fixtures in the most reputable tattoo studios.

Sealing the partnership between our magazines and tattoo studios, in 2009 we began a new series of special publications called Tattoo Professionist, designed especially for tattoo professionals. Each contains tattoo designs on one particular theme but with an even more focus on the needs of the tattoo artist, who is always looking for new ideas and inspiration in order to customise traditional tattoo designs.

During its many years of business, 3ntini Editore has claimed a leading position in the tattoo design industry and has created additional products such as audiovisual items on the history and secrets of tattooing: the video encyclopaedia of tattooing and the tattoo video guides to support its work and the passion of its readers.

By always listening to its readers’ requests and successfully predicting new tattooing trends, 3ntini Editore continues to work in this sector, always improving its magazines and coming up with new publishing products for tattoo enthusiasts, full of original ideas.

Today, 3ntini is an established publishing group located in Argenta near Ferrara (Italy), within the Po Delta Park, and includes various publishing lines, dedicated not only to tattooing but also beauty and restoration.

To find out more about our range of tattoo publications, write to us at info@ideatattoo.com