500 Feminine Tattoos

3ntini Editore
64 pages, 21x28 cm, more than 500 tattoo drawings, various artists.

Refined and sexy feminine tattoos, with fine lines and various styles and for different parts of the body.
Mini tattoos, mini geometrics, short wording and lettering, watercolours, precious gems, padlocks, keys, underboobs, dotwork, butterflies, Japanese dolls, feathers, flakes, hamsa tattoos, unalome, mandalas, ornamentals, flowers and much more.



In this issue:
Feminine tattoos have a recurrent theme. Whether they're small or large, stylized or detailed, just black or full of colour, they're refined and curvy designs, delicate and with fine lines and whether they're simply beautiful ornamental designs or symbols with a personal meaning, feminine tattoos always transmit a sense of positivity and serenity.
In this collection you'll find the best feminine tattoos and a cheerful positive spirit. Which one will you choose?
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