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Tattoo Foto 6: Angel Tattoos

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« Gotta find me an angel, to fly away with me / Gotta find me an angel, ooh and set me free. »

This quote is from a song by Aretha Franklin, Angel, which we have chosen to represent the theme of this special edition Angel Tattoos.

Angels are special beings, which should be given careful consideration; they are servants of the gods but are also deeply connected to humans, inspiring contact with the unworldly and establishing a relationship.

Plato said that they were messengers, dàimon or spiritual guides.

According to the cult of angels, which originated in Egypt and Asia Minor, they take the soul from the celestial spheres to the earthly sphere, accompany and inspire people during their life, to then sever the ties of the soul with the material world and free the spirit.

Only the best souls can aspire to become angels after death so these ancestral figures represent an ascent, or better, a “hope of ascent” for humanity.

It is a powerful message if we evaluate and relate it to our own times, in which the devastating decline of values is both caused by and has an effect on society and it is hard for someone to have the strength to rise above.

An angel or a pair of wings are meaningful tattoos, showing a huge ability to dream and fly on the wings of thought, but also a desire to be protected by guardian spirits who can show us the best path to follow in life.

Angel Tattoos

64 pages, 176 colour photographs of angels, angel wings, cherubs, angels and demons.

The best tattoos of angels by 88 different tattoo artists from all over the world.