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Tattoo Professionist 15 - Owls
Limited edition

31 x 21 cm,
70 pages, spiral bound.
designs in black and white and colour by various artists.

It was commonly believed in the Middle Ages that owls were bad luck, connected to evil and witchcraft, but they certainly have a better reputation these days.
are now an increasingly popular tattoo subject and have become a sought-after lucky charm.This collection contains 196 owl tattoo designs in every style to suit every taste: realistic, surreal, old school, new school, traditional, tribal, cartoon, black & grey, outline only and full colour.

The animal symbolism of the owl is fascinating and profound. Wisdom, mysticism, intelligence, palmistry and protection are qualities associated with owls and all birds in the Strigidae family.

Among them we find the Eagle Owl, known for its two tufts of long feathers above its eyes, which look like huge eyebrows (or even ears). Other members of the family are the Little Owl, which is small with a flat, round head, and the Barn Owl, also called the “white owl” for its pale colour, it has an instantly recognisable heart-shaped face.

and wisdom are qualities associated with owls in many cultures. In myths and legends the owl is also a guardian of the netherworld and protects the deceased as well as being a companion of prophets, sorcerers, mystics and shamans.

A nocturnal bird with excellent eyesight and finely tuned hearing, the owl represents all that is acute and penetrating, from intelligence to common sense and wisdom, from farsightedness to the ability to see “beyond”, into the after world. It is also the patron saint of messages, secrets and magic powers.

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