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  • Contemporary scripts

    3ntini Editore
    64 pages, colour tattoo photos.
    253 great ideas for your next tattoo!

    Handwriting of all kinds, capitals, typefaces, tattoos in pairs, vertical & creative scripts, unusual positions, autographs and signatures, monograms, special dates, quotations from song lyrics, keywords, minimal scripts and lots more.

    Contemporary scripts
  • Tattoo Fonts

    3ntini Editore
    64 pages, 21x28 cm, various artists.
    923 cool scripts, 37 complete handcrafted alphabets.

    Handcrafted Tattoo Fonts, lots of different styles: linear and minimal scripts, children's handwriting, vertical scripts, elegant handwriting, typewriter, capitals and much more.
    Scripts for every part of the body with lots of ideas for small tattoos.
    With photos and suggestions for body positions!

    Tattoo Fonts
  • Spinner Mag

    The first magazine dedicated to fidget spinners
    52 pages, 21x29,7 cm, texts, images, everything on hand spinners.
    Text only in Italian.

    Spinner Mag