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  • Geometrics

    3ntini Editore
    64 pages, colour tattoo photos, 279 contemporary ideas for your next tattoo.

    The latest trends: minimal art, origami, large and small geometric designs, sacred geometry, spirals, waves, circuits, double exposure, optical illusions and much more.

  • Flowers & Trees

    3ntini Editore
    64 pages, 21x28 cm, 250 beautiful drawings, various artists.

    The symbol of the tree, magical and universal, an emblem of immortality, memory, protection, affection and dedication.
    The flower – a symbol of beauty and pure joy.
    Choose from the most popular styles, both traditional and more contemporary and visionary.

    Flowers & Trees
  • Idea Tattoo 214 February/March 2017

    3ntini Editore
    82 pages, 300 tattoo flashes, various artists

    Put your tattoos in a frame!
    Lots of frames in all the best styles, to frame the design of your choice!
    Plus: deer, diamonds and precious stones, pirates, biomechanical style, chocolates and much more.

    Idea Tattoo 214 February/March 2017